Informatie- en verkoop centrum nieuwe woonwijk
Totaal gebouwd oppervlak 1.233 m2
Totaal oppervlak plangebied: 1,27 ha
Architectuur,landschap, interieur ontwerp
Opdrachtgever: China Resources Land


This sales center is designed as a square box in an enclosed garden.
The two floors contain both information, leisure, functional as financial areas.

On the second floor there are model apartments built on a scale of 1:1. In a abstract way nature has been brought into the building by adding a organic second skin in front of the glass structure.
This second skin is a transparent pattern of bamboo panels, fixed on a steel frame.
Which is recyclable and can, and shall, be reused later, for the sales center will remain here maximum five years.
The organic bamboo filter is opened on one side completely where the building focuses on the garden with its pond and trees.